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Michael Foster Dance Tango New York City
Michael Foster
Professional dancer
2012/13 to present: Working on various Choreography & international Photoshoot for Tango Music Video CD, Tango Practice Guide & Animated Virtual Dance instructors Portal East coast - West Coast.
2011 Created TBS Times Square NYC's "Learn2Dance in as little as 15 Minutes Flat".
2008 Introduced "The Anatomy of Dance" for individuals suffering with Parkinson's Disease.
2007 Develop & Introduced "The Laziest Work-Out Ever" a program design for specialty gyms & young adults age 50+.
2007 Develop & Mastered Technique & Balance 7hr Program
2006 Introduced & Tested Technique & Balance for kids ages 7-11.
Michael is a Professional Argentine Tango Dance choreographer & Instructor.
CELEBRITY STUDENTS: Many, includes corporate executives of fortune 100 & 500 companies.
Dance Floor STATS & Style: Latin, Vernacular, Hip-Hop-Salsa, Swing, Hip-Hop.
Nationality: American/Caribbean (Mixed-Popular Cultures: Greek, Egyptian).
Based in: New York, New York
Status: More often OnTour (Competing, Performing, Instructing). Owns & Manage TBS Dance Franchise, (TandBStudios.com NOW VirtualTBS.com).
Michael was born to be a dancer. Mother M. Foster (Belly-Dancer) said "Michael..kicked & Dance throughout the last 4-months of her pregnancy". A citizen of both USA (New York) and the Caribbean (T&T). Michael have made early compromise to his dancing career in order to accomplish his goals as a "Dance Entrepreneur". Before enjoying the youth of every dancers dream to travel, go on tours and perform all over the world, he stayed at home (NYC) studied and mastered "The Art of Dance" now "The Anatomy of Dance", a highly dramatized, self-thought highly accomplished program used to define the uniqueness of Upper Body "Rhythm-In-Motion" and Lower Body "Structure & Balance Momentum". Michael have been featured in AM-New York, News-day, Florida Sun and many other news read. Currently Michael is touring various US-States introducing and teaching Technique & Balance Learn2Dance in as little as 15-minutes Flat and "The Anatomy of Dance" programs to students and instructors.


Michael foster and New Dance Partner Carolina
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Technique & Balance is a powerful 5-minutes structured program in the "Anatomy of Dance"
The Anatomy of Dance is for everyone, dancers and non dancers. Michael redefines the importance
of "Upper Body-Used for Rythm & Motion" and "Lower body used for Balance & Structure".
T&B is for: Professionals Dancers, Models, Latin & Ballroom Instructors, Beginners, young individuals,
Teens & Adults.

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Michael Foster is NYC Renown Professional Dance Instructor,
Dancer Programs Producer, Live Performance Showcase, Artist &
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technique & Balance
Schedules & Pricing includes a FREE
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Rates begins at $85 & $35 for groups or Workshops.
Programs available in NY/LA & Florida

Technique & Balance
Recreational & Performance Dance Courses (Job Placement for Instructors)
Dancer Courses for: Instructors - Beginners to Advance Students.
Special Courses in The Parkinsons Program.
Additional Courses - Custom Program for Gyms, Physical Therapy & Wellness centers
Kids Educational Dance & Body Language Courses.
Program courses May or May not include Choreography Performances and or DVD.
All Programs include Certificate of Participation.
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